Theatre West Presents the 2018-2019 Season

(performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday promptly at 7:30 P.M.

auditions Sunday and Monday at 7:00 P.M.)


BETTER LATE by Larry Gelbart Comedy 1F/3M Auditions:  July 15 and 16 and July 22 and 23 

As BETTER LATE opens, Julian is forced to move in with his ex-wife and her new husband in order to recuperate from a sudden illness. With each passing day, the awkward situation spirals further and further out of control. The question becomes: how long will Julian have to stay?

Directed by Wes Ryan at The Lincoln City Cultural Center

Performances:  October 18 - November 10 With a special Dinner Theater Presentation at The Beach Club Friday, November 2 



Directed by Lewis Smith

Tours depart from the Lincoln City Cultural Center, 540 NE Hwy 101 , Lincoln City 

Evening Shows - October 11, 12, 13, 19 & 20 - 5:30 - 9:30 P.M.

Matinee Shows - October 21 - noon - 2:00 P.M.

Tours run every 60 minutes. Tickets $25. Visit

 A Tour To Die For is a collaboration between the North Lincoln County Historical Museum, Taft Pioneer Cemetery Association and Theatre West. Stories about the residents of the Cemetery are united with actors to literally bring the history of Lincoln City to life. Your tour guide is well versed in the legends and lore of our town. You'll hear local folklore and tales of a time past, as well as other mysterious occurrences on your journey to Pioneer Cemetery. Your final destination is the final destination of many of the early settlers of Lincoln City: Pioneer Cemetery. You'll meet six oft the people interred here while taking a lantern tour lasting about 60 minutes. Of course, you will also hear an eternity of fascinating tales. 



Once again Theatre West will present this Radio Version of a Christmas Classic.

George wishes he had never been born. Clarence, an angel trying to earn his wings, tries to show George that he really does have a wonderful life!

Directed by Lewis Smith at The Lincoln City Cultural Center

Performances: December 14 and 15 at 7:30 PM, with a Matinee December 15 at 2:00 PM


A NICE FAMILY CHRISTMAS by Phil Olsen Comedy 3F/4M Auditions: September 16 and 17 

It’s Christmas Eve, and a young newspaper reporter on the brink of being fired has been assigned a last-chance story about a typical family Christmas – his family’s Christmas. He goes home to his recently widowed mother, his crazy uncle, his eccentric grandmother, and his battling siblings and their neurotic spouses, who provide no shortage of material. The question is, will the magic of Christmas bring this family back together?

Directed by Rich Emery at Theatre West

Performances: December 27 - January 20, 2019


A BENCH IN THE SUN by Ron Clark Comedy/Drama 1F/2M Auditions: Dec 9 and 10 and Dec 16 and 17

Harold and Burt, longtime friends, live in a retirement home and spend their days on a bench in the garden bickering. A once famous actress has just moved in, giving them something new to argue over. When they learn that the home is about to be sold and they will have to find a new residence, the three join forces to prevent this upsetting development.

Directed by Danielle Ryan at Theatre West

Performances: March 7 - March 30


The HEIDI CHRONICLES by Wendy Wasserstein Drama 5F/3M Auditions: To Be Announced

Comprised of a series of interrelated scenes, the play traces the coming of age of Heidi Holland, a successful art historian, as she tries to find her bearings in a rapidly changing world. Gradually distancing herself from her friends, she watches them move from the idealism and political radicalism of their college years through militant feminism and, eventually, back to the materialism that they had sought to reject in the first place.

Directed by Bryan Kirsch at the Lincoln City Cultural Center

Performances: May 9 - June 1


SEX PLEASE, WE’RE 60 - by Michael Parker and Susan Parker- Comedy 4F/2M Auditions: April 29 and 30 and  May 5 and 6

Mrs. Stancliffe's Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast has been successful for many years. Her Guests (nearly all women) return year after year. Her next door neighbor, the elderly, silver-tongued, Bud "Bud the Stud" Davis believes they come to spend time with him in romantic liaisons. The prim and proper Mrs. Stancliffe steadfastly denies this, but really doesn't do anything to prevent it. Her other neighbor and would-be suitor Henry Mitchell is a retired chemist who has developed a blue pill called "Venusia," to increase the libido of menopausal women. The pill has not been tested\, until now!

Directed By Debbie Rhein at Theatre West

Performances: July 11 - August 31


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